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Funny faces in face recognition could increase phone security with new technology

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA – Most of us have it — the ability to unlock our phones with just a glance using facial recognition technology.

But experts said the best way to keep your phone safe using facial recognition technology is by putting on a funny face.

“We’ve been able to actually take a regular picture of ourselves and fool the system,” said cybersecurity expert Eugene Hoyt. “This way you know it’s not something that’s going to be standard that you would be able to go ahead and replicate.”

Hoyt is talking about patented technology created by a professor at Brigham Young University called “concurrent two-factor identity verification”.

The idea behind the technology is performing a specific easily repeatable facial motion, like making a face or even silently reading a secret phrase, causes your face to make distinct movements that no one else can make.

Once the technology is available, it will make it much harder for an imposter to gain access to your devices.

“It’s actually measuring all the points on your face to get that unique print,” said Hoyt. “If a person doesn’t do it exactly in those same steps you’re not going to be able to get into the phone.”

The facial recognition technology currently in use isn’t entirely foolproof.

“My cousin, her and her sister look pretty much alike, so sometimes her face can log into her phone,” McCullum said.

Other people have said that their phones will unlock with other people’s faces as well.

So go ahead and put on a silly face when getting into your phone. It could save you big time in the long run.

“I think it’s going to be a lot harder by any means for anybody to get in there,” Hoyt said.

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