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Developing dumping ground in Cape Coral worries homeowners

CAPE CORAL, Fla.– A developing neighborhood in Northwest Cape Coral has been turned into a dumping ground causing it to become overrun with rats.

Upon driving down the 2500 block of NW 13th Street you’ll notice the well-manicured lawns and new homes going up. It looks just like any developing neighborhoods in the Cape.

You’re also sure to notice an abandoned housing project littered with garbage. 

Sheri Nottingham lives next door and said that people have been dropping off debris for months now.

It’s enough garbage to fill two entire construction dumpsters. A mattress and other debris is littering the site and attracting unwanted visitors.

“There’s all kinds of things burrowing in here I’m afraid,” Nottingham said.

Nottingham said her fears don’t stop there.

“With the storms right around the corner this all could be future projectiles and that’s my main concern. Yes it’s an eyesore,” she said.

Mingo Rodriguez lives nearby and said that the unfinished home has been sitting there for more than two years now.

“Since being here I’m starting to witness rodents crossing the lawn,” Rodriguez stated.

Cape Coral Code Enforcement confirmed they are aware of the problem and they said a code case has been opened and they’ve ordered the property cleaned up.

“They noted multiple violations in addition to the overflowing dumpsters. We’ve been in contact with the property owner and a construction contractor and they indicated to the city they have plans to take care of the issue at the site,” said City Spokeswoman Maureen Buice.

Neighbors like Nottingham said that can’t happen soon enough.

“I hope one day there is a new family moving in and enjoying their new home. In the meantime I’d like to see this moved out, cleaned up and kept safe,” Nottingham said.

The city has told the property owner they want the site cleaned up this week.

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