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Florida fossil hunter finds set of Dire Wolf teeth

FLORIDA– A Florida fossil hunter found a set of Dire Wolf teeth (no, not the animal featured on Game of Thrones).

Believe it or not, 12-thousand-years ago, the distant cousin to modern canines used to call Florida home.

When first meeting amateur fossil hunter Michael Stab, it’s obvious his hobby is more like a passion. Inside his home, he has display cases filled with his finds.

He has collected treasures ranging from Mammoth tusks to Megalodon teeth. 

“It’s pretty endless what you can find in this area,” He said. 

Still, he was surprised when he found a pair of canine teeth from an extinct Pleistocene Predator. 

“Me and my friend have a pact that if one of us passes away, then the other one acquires the wolfs tooth, so they all stay together.” Staab said. 

According to experts, the teeth likely could belong to an extinct Dire Wolf, Bear or even a Jaguar. 

“They were in Florida starting around 200-thousand years ago and they were one of the more common big carnivores up until 11-thousand years ago when many of the Ice Age animals became extinct.”  said Dr. Richard Hulbert from the University of Florida.

“There are still new species to be found, new faunas to be found that represent new intervals of geologic time, and we are always learning more about the prehistory of Florida.” 

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